From intelligent building alarms to the latest fully integrated IP surveillance and access systems.Though security alarms and CCTV are now standard practice, these processes have progressed significantly, as we are in the digital age. This has resulted in a world where everything is connected and with everything being hooked to the Internet, our security systems can join the integration. Here at Cyberhomes, we don’t implement technology for technology ‘s sake, but we do strike the perfect equilibrium and build powerful, yet useful systems.

  • High Definition Day/Night Cameras

    The latest Day/Night IP Cameras allow you to secure high definition footage and ensure the safety of your home. With our high definition cameras, you can be sure that your home is always safe. Gone are the days when you couldn’t identify the people in your camera footage. With our latest, up-to-date technology, grainy footage is no more.

  • Remote Access

    With our Remote Access technology you can ensure that your home is perfectly safe no matter where your location. Homeowners often fret about the safety of their homes when they are on holidays, visiting family or friends, or simply on work trips.Thanks to remote access technology you can now access your home security system no matter where you are and you can ensure that everything is safe and sound. This technology is a huge relief, particularly to those whose homes are regularly unattended.

  • Sleep Easy

    Working seamlessly with our Remote Action technology, if you’re away from home you definitely don’t have to worry. Your home system will know that you’re gone. How does this help you might ask? Your system will intelligently work itself so as to fool outsiders to thinking that you are still at home. Now you can sleep in peace.

  • Occupancy Simulation

    By using your system to its fullest, it will mimic your tendancies and when you are away it will make it look like you are sitting right in your favourite spots. Your system grows to know you and your preferences, so when it knows you are gone it knows exactly what to do to trick others into thinking that your home. Combined, our security & surveillence systems will make sure that your home is as safe as humanly – and cyberly possible.